All I know about Emaar Canada

June 20, 2008 at 12:33 am 6 comments

Next to Trixie Kramer, the most popular search term that brings people to this blog is Emaar Canada. I wrote about the DRA’s interaction with the Emaar development team and their acquisition of the option on the 819 Yates project here. The Times Colonist article detailing the project is here.

Emaar’s Vancouver office is only the second in North America, the other being in Newport Beach, California. Emaar has a larger presence in Africa, the Mid-East, Asia and of course, it’s home base, Dubai. Their website doesn’t even have a dedicated Canadian presence. However, they do have an office in Vancouver’s Guinness Tower and their representatives have been good at keeping us informed on the project and have been replying to our calls and e-mails promptly and candidly.

They do not wear robes and headdresses, nor do they ride around in solid gold Rolls-Royces. Brennan Cook and Maurice Ouellette are the Emaar reps that have been working with us and they are, of course, Canadian. Cook, (who studied at UBC) is Emaar Canada’s Development Manager. Ouellette is their VP of Development.

One Harris Green resident phoned me recently, enraged about this project, furious that Arab money was being used to build upon the parking lot next to the building he calls home. He was concerned that this new twin-tower project would become a target for terrorism. I expressed my sympathy by hanging up the phone.

Emaar Canada considers this the first of what could be more Victoria-era projects. I’m curious to see what else is on the agenda for them.

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  • 1. robertrandall  |  June 20, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Today’s Globe and Mail profiles Emaar Canada’s Wills Point project in South Surrey.

  • 2. robertrandall  |  March 21, 2010 at 1:47 am

    We’re well into 2010 and not a peep about Emaar’s 819 Yates project. Most likely a victim not only of local economic woes but those affecting Emaar’s home base, Dubai.

    I was uneasy when Emaar told us about their plans to go more upscale with this project compared to the more modest plans envisaged by previous developers Fraser McColl and Dan Robbins. This is an up-and-coming neighbourhood but unlikely to be one that attracts buyers of luxury suites. Dave Chard knows this and has tailored his 834 Johnson project a couple of blocks away to more entry-level buyers, slightly down a notch compared to his nearby Juliet condo tower.

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