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Victoria was like a lying-down cow, chewing. She had made one enormous effort of upheaval. She had hoisted herself from a Hudson’s Bay Fort into a little town and then she paused, chewing the cud of imported fodder, afraid to crop the pastures of the new world for fear she might lose the good flavour of the old to which she was deeply loyal. Her jaws went rolling on and on, long after there was nothing left to chew.”

– – Emily Carr, Book of Small 1942

I am reminded of this quote when I saw that the long-planned Emily Carr statue will be installed on the grounds of the Empress Hotel.

I’ll ignore for the moment the idea of creating a work of art in a style reminiscent of the late 19th century to honour a 20th century artist who sacrificed much to counter hostile conservative Victorian art critics. Likewise, I won’t delve into whether such a complex and complicated artist will eventually be morphed into Victoria’s version of a superficial Anne of Green Gables-type character.

When all is said and done, nearly half a million dollars will be spent on this statue. I strongly agree that we should honour the life and work of this groundbreaking local artist. And a public art piece like a statue is a popular and tangible way of marking her life. But I can’t help but think that to truly honor the struggle and sacrifice Carr made in her long career the finest way to pay tribute to her would be to use the half million to establish a foundation that would provide partial scholarships to would-be art students who can’t afford to attend a full-time local art school.

So congratulations to those involved in the creation of this statue. It will go a long way in reminding future residents and tourists alike of Emily and her legacy. But there remains more that we can do.

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