Affordable rental is possible

December 17, 2008 at 10:19 pm Leave a comment

Letter to the editor of the Times Colonist from Charles Gurd:

Affordable rentals can be feasible now

December 16, 2008

Henry Kamphof of the Capital Regional District housing secretariat is quoted as saying, “I’m contacted daily by the private sector who are interested in stepping up to the plate to produce affordable housing … however, there is a gap between what the costs are and the financial realities at the end of the day. Even if the costs come down and the land was put in for free, affordable rental accommodation isn’t financially feasible at the moment” (Dec. 12).

Affordable rental accommodation could be financially feasible at the moment:

– if rental units were smaller;

– if municipal government zoning for downtown and downtown-adjacent residential areas permitted a higher number of units per lot (while maintaining existing density requirements) with relaxed setback and on-site parking requirements;

– if municipal government real-estate taxes were reduced for new “affordable” units;

– and if federal government income and capital gains taxes were reduced following the model of the state-administered U.S. Low Income Housing Program.

Charles Gurd

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Gurd has worked as an architect and was one of the local leaders behind the proposed Independence Settlement Project. I know he is working with other experts in housing to help find affordable accomodation.

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