Temporary car-free Government St. proposed

March 19, 2010 at 12:16 am Leave a comment

At the last DVBA “Late Night Great Night” meeting Wednesday we discussed the upcoming Navy Day celebration, on May 4, 2010.

In light of the fact that there will be upwards of 10,000 sailors in town the topic of closing Government Street came up. I strongly agreed we should pursue this for a couple of nights during the celebration. I made the case that when you have that many people downtown (like when three cruise ships are in port) the sidewalks overflow anyway, especially if there are buskers on the sidewalk (which is a good thing, right?)

Ideally it would be from Humboldt up to Fort or possibly Yates, just in the evening till about 10 pm or so. After the crowds die down you want the activity of car traffic to return.

A City rep was at the meeting and we all thought it would serve as a good experiment for future consideration.

The committee wants to ensure that there are plenty of family-friendly activities surrounding the celebration. We also talked about the best ways of informing the visiting sailors of Victoria’s amenities (beyond the pubs and strip clubs). I thought the sailors, all of them hailing from around the Pacific Rim, would appreciate knowing the whereabouts of various authentic ethic restaurants. I imagine those sailors are pretty bored with the cafeteria fare served on board ship and would eagerly patronize a place with more-or-less homestyle cooking. Then again, I’m sure many will be satisfied with McDonalds.

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