Monday Magazine: Place your bets

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Place your bets

Posted By: Jason Youmans
06/02/2010 8:00 AM

With councillor Sonya Chandler’s announcement she’ll be leaving City Hall at the end of August, let’s get right down to some old-fashioned speculation about who might run to replace her.

Monday caught up with the top three runners up from the November 2008 election to determine who might take another kick at the electoral can. They were Rob Randall, Wayne Hollohan and Rose Henry.

Randall, first runner-up last time around, says he’s already networking with people to determine whether they will back him at the polls.

“I’m in the process of speaking with folks who follow civic matters and if I feel that there’s enough support there, including a lot of the kind folks that supported me last time and some new folks too, I think I might just take a stab at it,” says Randall.

Wayne Hollohan—in addition to consulting his family to see how they feel about it—wants to know whether the federal and provincial political electoral machines that helped push certain candidates over the top last time around will be sticking their noses in Victoria’s upcoming by-election too.

“At the last election, things were going quite well up until the point that the federal MP endorsed a slate, and that really kind of destroyed the efforts of a lot of the other people who were running,” he says. “It’s almost like you either have to endorsed by the NDP or the Green Party right now to stand a chance of getting into office.”

Anti-poverty activist Rose Henry finished 300 votes behind Hollohan in 2008 and says she’s joining the race for sure.

“My commitment to Victoria has not changed over the past few months,” she wrote in an e-mail. “I just wished that I could have had the honor of being on council with Sonya. I believe she brought with her to the council table a lot of representation from the youth and health community.”

Stay tuned to find out if the Team Dean election machine fires up again to draft another sympathetic member for the council ranks.

I’ve been getting some good honest feedback the past week from people who would like to see me run in the Civic By-election this Fall. I’m taking the suggestion quite seriously.

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