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My predictions in the 2010 civic byelection

Using my patented formula for accurately predicting elections, I give you the following:

Winner: Barry Hobbis – 10,800 votes
Runner up: Marianne Alto – 9,200
Third: Steve Filipovic – 9,000
Fourth: Sue Woods – 4,300
Fifth: Rose Henry – 4,200
Seventh: Paul Brown – 1,300
Sixth: Hugh Kruzel – 1,200
Eighth: George Sirk – 1,100
Ninth: Saul Anderson – 650
Tenth: Pedro Mora – 350
Eleventh: Rimas Tumasonis – 250

Barry Hobbis becomes our newest Councillor and the one with the shortest term in recent history–one year.

The three front runners are tightly bunched. A drop until we reach Sue Woods. Rose Henry is close behind. Rose doesn’t poll as high as she might as homelessness is eclipsed this time around by the bridge and the marina. Another drop to the three other moderates, Brown, Kruzel and Sirk. In my opinion, any of the above would have made sensible additions to the Council table.

Saul Anderson seems like a cool guy and I would like him to contribute to the community in other ways than fighting half-hearted campaigns. He has good insight into the late night economy.

Pedro, well, I think his democracy by consensus voting idea is non-sensical.

Rimas is tiresome. He comes from a generation that embraced the clown and the iconoclast: the Abbie Hoffmans and Frank Zappas. The problem is the current generation looks upon these geriatric jokesters as boring, self-indulgent narcissists. Today’s generation is both more cynical and more earnest. They read Catcher in the Rye and declare Holden Caufield to be whiny and immature, thinking he should get a life. They look at the antics of Tumasonis (or David Shebib in 2008) and are bored. I saw that on an old clip on YouTube they say.

Wildcards: Kruzel could galvanize Downtown voters and place as high as fifth. Some say Filipovic is running strong and could place second. The other candidates are relatively late entering the game and they frittered away valuable campaign time merely getting up to speed.

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Graphic design and the 2010 civic election

Let’s switch gears and look at the candidates’ promotional material from a design perspective.

Some may argue you can’t judge a book by its cover but you can often tell a lot about a candidate by the quality (or lack thereof) of their campaign material. It’s impossible to meet every potential voter face to face so your website and signage stand in when the candidate can’t.

Some candidates design their own material. Others farm it out. Doing it yourself is probably a bad idea. One, because you’re probably lousy at it. Two, a candidate needs to be out meeting people, not tweaking their web page or laying out a brochure. If you don’t have the funds to do this you really have to ask yourself if you are a credible candidate capable of being the frontrunner. If donors are contibuting to your running mates but not you, maybe it’s time to drop out gracefully before you’re clobbered at the polls.

So let’s put politics aside and look at things from an esthetic perspective.

Marianne Alto has a slick campaign with a palette of muted tones; a yellowy-green on the website and the signs combine it with a subdued light purple. The colours are matched with an urgent, modern condensed typeface (Yanone Kaffeesatz in all caps) that keeps the overall look from getting too laid back and feminine. Alto appears to use Barbara Walter’s soft-focus lens on her videos–Barry, you might want to look into that…just kidding, heh.

Barry Hobbis is a close second design-wise. His page has all the bells and whistles Alto’s has but in a more conservative wrapping. Basic blue is the colour scheme here and the site is well organized although he uses the reliable yet dreaded Arial typeface. Barry’s signs are basic blue text on white with his name prominently displayed.

Paul Brown has done some improvements to his site. It’s clean and simple but is generic and lacks character. I haven’t seen a Brown sign yet.

Steve Filopovic‘s page looks like a template recycled from his run in past provincial and federal campaigns with photos of ocean-side camping. It’s probably not a good idea to show your commitment to the city by showing you getting far away from it. Palatino bold is the typeface which looks a bit clunky here. Steve uses a lot of plain green-on-white square signs hung in the diamond position.

Susan Woods doesn’t really have a website as much as an online pamphlet. Navigation isn’t an issue as there’s nothing to click on. The template used is fairly well-laid out and professional.

George Sirk‘s page is busy and quirky. Sirk’s signs use a spray-paint stencil.

Pedro Mora managed to throw together a skimpy Google blog.

Saul Anderson starts out good by getting a good header designed for him, featuring his fuzzy mug behind the wheel of his cab and his name in a rusticated typeface. The rest of the page disappoints with a rambling short essay and checklist of favourite topics cluttered together.

Rose Henry uses a Facebook page as a website.

Rimas Tumasonis apparently doesn’t have a website! This is odd because anyone can slap together a free WordPress site (like the one you’re reading now) in about five minutes.

Note: I say typeface, not font. Comic Sans is a typeface. 12 point Comic Sans bold is a font.

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Why I’m supporting Barry Hobbis for Victoria City Council

I’m endorsing Barry Hobbis for City Council. If you live in the City of Victoria you should check out what he has to say.

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Monday Magazine: Place your bets

Place your bets

Posted By: Jason Youmans
06/02/2010 8:00 AM

With councillor Sonya Chandler’s announcement she’ll be leaving City Hall at the end of August, let’s get right down to some old-fashioned speculation about who might run to replace her.

Monday caught up with the top three runners up from the November 2008 election to determine who might take another kick at the electoral can. They were Rob Randall, Wayne Hollohan and Rose Henry.

Randall, first runner-up last time around, says he’s already networking with people to determine whether they will back him at the polls.

“I’m in the process of speaking with folks who follow civic matters and if I feel that there’s enough support there, including a lot of the kind folks that supported me last time and some new folks too, I think I might just take a stab at it,” says Randall.

Wayne Hollohan—in addition to consulting his family to see how they feel about it—wants to know whether the federal and provincial political electoral machines that helped push certain candidates over the top last time around will be sticking their noses in Victoria’s upcoming by-election too.

“At the last election, things were going quite well up until the point that the federal MP endorsed a slate, and that really kind of destroyed the efforts of a lot of the other people who were running,” he says. “It’s almost like you either have to endorsed by the NDP or the Green Party right now to stand a chance of getting into office.”

Anti-poverty activist Rose Henry finished 300 votes behind Hollohan in 2008 and says she’s joining the race for sure.

“My commitment to Victoria has not changed over the past few months,” she wrote in an e-mail. “I just wished that I could have had the honor of being on council with Sonya. I believe she brought with her to the council table a lot of representation from the youth and health community.”

Stay tuned to find out if the Team Dean election machine fires up again to draft another sympathetic member for the council ranks.

I’ve been getting some good honest feedback the past week from people who would like to see me run in the Civic By-election this Fall. I’m taking the suggestion quite seriously.

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City Councillor Sonya Chandler to step down; byelection to be held

City of Victoria annoucement:

Councillor Sonya Chandler has announced that she will leave her position as City Councillor effective September 1, 2010. Sonya has been awarded a full scholarship to pursue a Masters Degree in Sustainable Health Systems in the European Union. A by-election will be held this year to fill the vacancy.

When I was canvassing for votes in 2008 I was struck by the number of people who expressed their admiration for Chandler. Her background in public health as a street nurse has given her a unique perspective on social issues (which as the Bridge poll results reveal is still the number one issue for Victorians).

By the way, for those that are curious, here are the Council results of the last election:

1 Charlayne Thorton-Joe 9887 – incumbent
2 Pam Madoff 9017 – incumbent
3 Sonya Chandler 8002 – incumbent
4 Lynn Hunter 7926
5 Geoff Young 7276 – incumbent
6 Philippe Lucas 7042
7 Chris Coleman 6102 – incumbent
8 John Luton 6002

Not elected:

9 Robert Randall 3737
10 Wayne Hollohan 3624
11 Rose Henry 3372
12 Tim Van Alstine 3216
13 Pieta VanDyke 3109
14 John Farquharson 2992
15 Barry Hobbis 2962
16 Susan Woods 2798
17 Jane Lunt 2667
18 Richard Park 2029
19 Diana Smarden 1259
20 Joseph Boutilier 1194
21 Simon Nattrass 950
22 Suzanne Carroll 943
23 John Turner 942
24 Gregory Hartnell 852
25 Tavis Dodds 728
26 Nick Baker 679
27 Christopher Gillespie 542
28 Chris Munkacsi 495
29 Robert Allington 433
30 Patrick Jamieson 411
31 Allen Jones 393
32 Denis Oliver 311
33 Jon Valentine 257
34 David Shebib 229
35 Jonathan Le Drew 158

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